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General Guidelines on Methods for Estimating Food Waste Reduction

In order to assess the current amount of food waste generation and evaluate the effectiveness of implemented food waste reduction measures, the organisations/shops/eateries may make reference to the following general guidelines to record and estimate the amount of food waste generation.

General Guidelines on Methods for Estimating the Food Waste Reduction (Market and Supermarket)
General Guidelines on Methods for Estimating the Food Waste Reduction (Educational Sector)
General Guidelines on Methods for Estimating the Food Waste Reduction (Food and Beverage Sector)
General Guidelines on Methods for Estimating the Food Waste Reduction (Hotel Sector)
General Guidelines on Methods for Estimating the Food Waste Reduction (Residential Sector)
General Guidelines on Methods for Estimating the Food Waste Reduction (Shopping Malls)

General Guidelines for Facilitating the Food Wise Charter Signees to complete the Implementation Proforma

General Guidelines

Announcement in the Public Interest



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Tips Of the Week

  1. Food Waste Source Separation Tips

       Separate food waste from the lunch boxes/cutlery/containers to facilitate food waste recycling
       Avoid using one-off/disposable utensils and lunch boxes

Tip No.35
  1. Support the Food Wise Eateries!
Tip No.34
  1. Tip of the Father’s Day

        Father’s Love - No Condition ; Father’s Day - No Leftover

Tip No.33
  1. Tip of the Tuen Ng Festival

        Donate surplus festive food/rice dumplings to the needy

Tip No.32
  1. Tip of the Mother’s Day

        Mother’s Love-No Condition ; Mother’s Day-No Leftover

Tip No.31
  1. Cook only what you can eat, so that you can save money as well as food!
Tip No.30
  1. Before cooking, please think about the portion of food required for yourself and others, so as to avoid cooking too much food.
Tip No.29
  1. If there are only a few people at the table, please consider to choose smaller portion of food.
Tip No.28
  1. You can save money and food by following one of the many light-meal recipes available on the Internet.
Tip No.27
  1. When organising gatherings and parties, please try to prepare appropriate amount of food so as to avoid wastage, and use reusable cutlery.
Tip No.26
  1. Before ordering, please consider if you could finish all the food.
Tip No.25
  1. Sun-dried tangerine peels can be used as food ingredient for cooking sweet soup and congee.
Tip No.24
  1. Fruit peels can be made into Eco-enzymes to replace chemical detergents.
Tip No.23
  1. Preserve citrus in salt to make pickled citrus.
Tip No.22
  1. Tips of the Chinese New Year Festival
    • Plan festive dining with proper portion size
    • Donate surplus festive gift packs to the needy
Tip No.21
  1. Tips of the Christmas Festival
    • Plan Christmas gathering with proper portion size
    • Choose a portion suits you when enjoying Christmas Dinner
Tip No.20
  1. Many fast food restaurants give out standard amount of provisions. Return those that you do not need, such as sugar packs, salt packs, straws and tissues. Less salt and sugar is good for your health and our environment.
  1. - Mr. KWOK But, Principal, Sing Yin Secondary School

Tip No.19
  1. Tip of the Halloween
    • Don’t be a Big Waster, no matter how a big “We Wa” you are in the Halloween
    • Pumpkin Recipes
    • All that leftover candy from a successful night of trick-or-treating can be shared amongst your friends so it doesn’t go to waste

Tip No.18
  1. Food Waste Reuse Tips – Beauty
    • Bathing with tangerine peel or lemon peel can moisturize skin from dehydration
    • To diminish the appearance of eye puffs and darkness, cover the grinded potato peel to the eyes area
    • - Greeners Action

Tip No.17
  1. Food Waste Reuse Tips – Cleaning and Planting
    • Use the rice-rinsed water to plant and clean
    • Avoid leaving the tap running and the stove fire on if it is not necessary
    • Coffee grounds can be used for removing odor, cleaning and prevent insect
    • Replace chemical detergent by homemade eco-detergent with tea bag and various fruit peel
    • Banana peel can be used as an oil cleaner and keep the shoes shine
    • The grinded egg shell can be used as a fertilizer for planting or mixed with congee to increase the nutrition value
    • Using recycled oil to make eco-soap
    • - Greeners Action

Tip No.16
  1. Tip of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

        Donate surplus mooncakes to the needy.

Tip No.15
  1. Food Waste Reuse Tips – Dinning
    • Make use of the unavoidable food waste such as fish bone, shrimp head to cook soup or other dishes
    • Use excessive cooked rice to make fried rice or cook with soup to make a delicious dish
    • To rip the cooked meat into hair-like pieces to make shredded pork and freak shark fin soup
    • Over ripe banana can be stored at freezer and to make banana shake
    • Tangerine peel after dehydration under sunlight can be used to make dessert and cook with congee to enhance flavor
    • Preserve tangerine in salt for months to make a salty tangerine which treats sore throat
    • - Greeners Action

Tip No.14
  1. Food Waste Reduction Tips – Dinning Out
    • Share with friends: Be environmental friendly to buy bulk and share with friends to save money
    • Inform your family when you dinning out to prevent excessive dishes
    • Order suitable quantity of food
    • Avoid all-you-can-eat style dinning. This style of dinning not only produce large amount of food waste, it also bad for health
    • To prevent post-consumed food waste, bring your own container to take home unfinished food
    • To further advocate food waste reduction, participate in food waste reduction campaign such as the save food day
    • - Greeners Action

Tip No.13
  1. Food Waste Reduction Tips – Domestic
    • Food quantity: Prepare suitable quantity of food in every meal
    • Expiry of food: Notice the expiry date of food when you shop
    • Shopping list: Shop with the shopping list to avoid over-purchasing
    • Food storage: Preserve easily perishable food in refrigerator
    • Food donation: Donate the surplus food to food bank or community kitchen
    • - Greeners Action

Tip No.12
  1. Available in Chinese Only

Tip No.11
  1. Available in Chinese Only

Tip No.10
  1. Household Green Tips
  2. Saving resources
    • Save energy and water when cooking and doing housework.
    • Avoid leaving the tap running and the stove fire on if it is not necessary.
    • Turn off unused home appliances.
    • Irrigate plants with water used for washing rice, vegetables or fruits.
    • - Environmental Campaign Committee

Tip No.9
  1. Household Green Tips
  2. Waste reduction
    • Save unfinished portions of food for the next meal or day.
    • Avoid using disposable cutlery. Bring your own utensils for take away.
    • Use rechargeable batteries whenever possible.
    • - Environmental Campaign Committee

Tip No.8
  1. Household Green Tips
  2. Going shopping
    • Bring your own reusable bags, shopping baskets, handy boxes or other types of containers to buy fresh food.
    • Buy suitable amount of food and ingredients to avoid wastage.
    • Use fewer disposable non-essentials, such as fruit and frozen meat plastic wrappings and gift wrapping paper.
    • - Environmental Campaign Committee

Tip No.7
  1. If you can’t finish your food, don’t waste it
  2. Make the best use of leftovers and unconsumed food.
    • When you are eating out, always take leftovers home. You can have a free lunch next day. Save money and waste less food!
    • Store leftovers and unconsumed food properly (e.g, maintain and optimum temperature in the fridge, separate raw and cooked food).
    • Make good use of surplus food and/or food trimmings for a new dish (e.g, fish bone/fish head for soup or specialty dishes, leftover plain rice for fried rice).

Tip No.6
  1. Think before you order food
  2. If you don't want leftovers, order food according to your needs.
    • Think how much you can eat before you order. Choose suitable portions to avoid over-ordering.
    • Ask for "Less rice" if necessary.
    • If the portion is too large, share the dish with your friends. This can help avoid wasting food!

Tip No.5
  1. Think before you cook
  2. Ask yourself how much you can eat before you cook.
    • Before cooking, ask yourself and others how much they want to eat.
    • Consider light-portioned food if there are only a a few people for the meal.
    • Many light-portioned recipes are available on the internet. Try those recipes to save money and waste less.

Tip No.4
  1. Think before you buy food :
  2. Have a detailed shopping list to avoid over-purchase
    • Take stock of your food at home and make a shopping list.
    • Stick to your buying plan, instead of being a victim of sales pitches.
    • Buy individually packed food if you have a small family and share bulk purchases with friends and neighbours.
    • Properly manage, and check the food in your fridge and cupboard (e.g, quantity and expiry dates) to avoid buying duplicates, over purchasing and food from expiring.

Tip No.3
  1. Thoughts on food waste reduction :
    • To share the responsibilities and change our habits;
    • To treasure the resources on the Earth;
    • To donate excessive food to the needy; and
    • Commercial and industrial sectors and households to adopt green cooking ideas
    • - Mr Wong Kam-sing, The Secretary for the Environment

Tip No.2
  • "Food Waste Reduction Practical Tips '123':
    1. Avoid leftovers in every meal;
    2. Make good use of food trimmings for the second dish;
    3. Think before you buy to avoid wastage."
    4. - Mrs. Carrie Lam, GBS, JP, Chief Secretary for Administration

Tip No.1


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