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Food Wise Charter Introduction

The Food Wise Charter is to :

    1. Encourage Hong Kong businesses/organizations in adopting measures to reduce food waste generation within their establishments or through the services and products they provide; and
    2. recognize the waste reduction efforts of those organizations.

The Food Wise Charter is open to all local businesses and organizations. Signatory of the Charter demonstrates the signees are committed to implement measures to contribute to reducing food waste from the community.



Charter’s Statement

Charter’s Statement

Charter’s Statement

Charter’s Statement


Statement of Commitment

We understand and agree that -

  1. Hong Kong has a worrisome waste problem. We dump about 1.27 kg municipal solid waste per person per day.
  2. Food waste is the largest source of municipal solid waste. In 2011, we dumped about 3,600 tonnes of food waste in landfills every day – about 40 per cent of municipal solid waste.
  3. When food is wasted, apart from the cost implications, all the land, water, fertilizer and labour needed to grow that food are also wasted. In addition, greenhouse gas emissions are produced by the decomposing food in landfills and by the transport of food that is ultimately thrown away.
  4. To realise the vision of a truly sustainable world, we need to transform the way we produce and consume our natural resources. We can all play a useful part to reduce food waste for the benefit of our community.


In order to contribute to reducing food waste from the community, we are committed to -

  1. Promoting best practices and behavioral changes to reduce food waste.
  2. Drawing up plans to promote the awareness and acceptance of food waste reduction best practices by stakeholders within our organisations.
  3. Implementing plans with measurable targets to reduce food waste in our organisations and business settings.
  4. Encouraging and supporting the management of organisations to conduct in-house waste audits and to use the results of those audits to improve waste management performance.
  5. Supporting the Food Wise Hong Kong Campaign and similar initiatives to encourage behavioral and cultural changes that engender respects for our precious food and natural resources.
  6. Promoting and adopting recipes that make use of food trimmings.
  7. Supporting food donation activities whenever possible.


Charter's Sataement

General Guidelines


List of Signees


List of Signees


Please contact:


: 3741 1398


: 3528 0492




: Environmental Protection Department, 15/F, Chinachem Exchange Square, 1 Hoi Wan Street, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong


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